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Yumthang|Yumthang Valley|Lachung

 Yumthang Valley !!!
Yumthang Valley is a beautiful valley situated in North Sikkim and is around 23km from Lachung. Located at a height of 3,500 metres above the sea-level, this beautiful valley is home to many beautiful Himalayan flowers. It is one of its kinds in the Indian subcontinent. During the month of April and May, this valley is a riot of colours with rhodendrons of myriad colours blooming in profusion.
It is rightfully called a valley of flowers, as thoughout the journey you will see colourful flowers by the side of road. The Valley has an astounding, over 24 species of Rhododendrons which paint the Valley red in spring. Rhododendrons are shrubs or trees, and different species of Rhododendron cover different large stretches of the Valley.  In April and May, the snow peaks start melting and frozen streams start running with fresh water. One gets a glimpse of beautiful flora and fauna of Great Himalayas.
In spring, the Valley looks like a collage of little forests of different colors. The flowering of Rhododendrons is over by May end. During monsoons, starting in June, the Valley blooms with all kinds of tiny Himalayan flowers, like the Primroses, Cinquefoils, Louseworts and Cobra-lilies.
The entire stretch from Lachung to Yumthang is picture perfect and one is compelled to capture the scenic beauty of the place in camera. The valley is extremely picturesque, with green slopes covered with trees, yaks grazing in the flower-spangled grassy plains below, and a river flowing right through the valley. The crisp and fresh air provides a fresh lease of life and leaves one enchanted with the place. From abundant trees , the scenery slowly changes to barren snow blanketed land in no time.
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